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Welcome to DEC Design Engineering & Consultation , your premier destination for Design Engineering & Consultation services, specializing in Structural Design. Our commitment to excellence transcends conventional boundaries, ensuring your projects are not merely executed but elevated to new heights.

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"Experience the artistry of innovation in every detail – Unveiling our latest triumphs, where design meets engineering excellence. Witness the future of possibilities through our recent masterpieces."

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Safety and Security

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Environmental Solutions

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Ease of Management

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Guaranteed Income

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Great Location

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Kadam Mubarak Market (2nd Floor), Momin Road, Kotwali, Chattogram

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Dilip Manson,Paul Para, Khurushkul, Cox's Bazar, Chattogram

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Shib Bari More, B.I.D.C. Road, Joydebpur, Gazipur, Dhaka 

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